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Warm Up

Lot Trips

1 walking

2 jog


• Leg swings (10 right leg front to back, left, right side, left side)

• Ankle rotations (10 right & left ankle, clockwise and counter clockwise)

Mat Trips


• Side high knee karaoke drill

• Walking while pulling knee to chest

• Walking pulling inner ankle up to chest

• Walking lunges with pelvic tilt (hip flexor stretch)

• Walking lunges with torso twist towards side of extended knee

• Woodpecker (stand on 1 leg, bend at waist, touch ground with both hands, while the other leg pivots up and back to 90 degree position from the ground)

• Toe touches: marching opposite hand to touches

• High knees

• Butt kicks (knee pointed to ground)

• Straight legs (prime time)

Gymnastic Skill

10-12 Minutes Work on a gymnastic skill.

Pull ups, Kipping pull ups, HSPU Muscle Ups, Hand Stand Walks. Double Unders.

Skill Work… Not Strength , Multiple sets, low reps ,rest as needed.

D Mo Motion’ (10 Rounds for time)

200m Run x 10

1:1 Rest

Work to keep splits consistent. Not to vary more than 2-3 seconds.

Scaling options: Reduce intervals , or rest longer.

Use Bike as substitute. 15/12 Calories .

Cash Out

800m walk or Slow row or Bike

1 minute couch

1 minute pigeon

foam roll legs

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