CrossFit Baseball


Friday night lights again this week!!! We will start warming up at 5:30 and begin the first heat at 6pm.
Afterwards we will go eat at Larrys Pizza!!! RSVP on the whiteboard!!!

CrossFit Texarkana – CrossFit

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3-24-16 (No Measure)


3 rounds

5 Medball cleans

5 burpees over medball

20 jumping jacks

CrossFit Baseball (AMRAP – Reps)

divide into 2 teams

14 min AMRAP

start with

1 ball slam

lunge 30′ to 1st base

5 box jumps

bear crawl 30′ to 2nd base

5 box jumps

crabwalk to 3rd base

5 box jumps

inchworm 30′ to home plate

forward roll to score on home plate

*can not start until teammate in front of you finishes box jumps at 1st base

**1 run equals 1 rep score total team runs

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