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Joe Byrd

Joe has had a love for fitness since grade school and as time went on he found himself in a routine of running for distance and biking a certain milage a day. He realized after running and biking for several years that he started to feel burned out on the repetitive routine, so he did research and discovered CrossFit. In 2009 he built a CrossFit gym in his barn and worked out by himself for a year and realized that Texarkana needed it's very own CrossFit box. In 2010 he decided to buy out a building in downtown Texarkana for his very own CrossFit gym. After 3 years he relocated to an area with more land space and built his own CrossFit box. Joe brought CrossFit to Texarkana because he wanted to help others strive for their fitness goals and be the best of themselves. He knew 1 hour in his box would bring people together and create an atmosphere that's hard to stay away from, due to the positive attitudes and encouragement that his coaches and others bring.
CrossFit Olympic Lifting Trainer Certication
CrossFit Kids Trainer Certification
CrossFit Mobility Trainer Cerification
CrossFit Endurance Certification
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)
Functional Movement Screen Certified (FMS)

Dustin Moore

Dustin's brother was his motivation for trying CrossFit and at the time when he started 7 years ago his brother was a trainer and the programmer for CrossFit Texarkana. Dustin has been a trainer for over 5 years now and he just recently renewed his CF-L1 certification. His coaching style revolves mostly around relationships. Most importantly he wants his athletes to feel comfortable with him. While he does enjoy the competitive side of CrossFit, he gets way more out of someone who hits their weight loss goal or the person that gets off the medication they have been taken due to poor health choices. Dustin believes all you have to do is leave your ego outside of the box, listen to your trainers, put in the work and you can obtain your goals.

Justin Highnight

Justin came to CrossFit with no athletic background, just someone trying to make fitness a priority in his life. CrossFit quickly became his life's purpose and in July 2012 received his L1 Certificate. But he didn't stop there. Three years later he recieved his L2, and in September 2018 became CrossFit Texarkana's first Certified L3 CrossFit Trainer. He also holds certifications in weightlifting and kettlebell instruction. He has a passion for helping others and truly has the heart of a teacher!

Jennifer Semple

Jennifer is originally from north Louisiana. She and her husband have adult twin sons. Jennifer discovered CrossFit after moving to Oklahoma in 2011. A "gym rat" for many years, and having a competitive personality, CrossFit was an immediate addiction for her. Jennifer especially loves the family friendly community that CrossFit creates. Jennifer has been coaching CrossFit since 2016 and is dedicated to helping others discover the athlete within themselves. She is Certified as a CrossFit L1 Trainer and CrossFit Olympic Lifting L1 Trainer.

Siera Nelson

Siera found interest in CrossFit because she was an athlete throughout high school and college and wanted a reminder of how it felt to be pushed to her limits. After research she discovered CrossFit Texarkana and joined the first chance she got. She was an athlete of the gym for a year and then became a Certified CrossFit L1 Trainer. Siera has a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology, she is a personal trainer, currently studying for her Strength and Conditioning License, functional movement screen certified and first aid adult and child CPR/AED certified. Her passion for coaching is that she is able to eliminate limitations people put on themselves, she loves to watch people push their workout limits and exceed their goals.

JT Launius

JT Launius has been coaching for 6 years at CrossFit Texarkana and holds CF-L1 and FMS certificates. While in the military he was a sonar technician on submarines and a certified scuba diver in which makes him a glorified lifeguard. After the military, he found CrossFit while searching for a competitive arena outside of running and bodybuilding. He has a passion for fitness and improving one's health. His desire to coach revolves around the small victories with his athletes. Whether it be gaining strength, reaching a weight goal, learning a new skill, or building confidence.


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