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Claudia and Jessica


We will be having a CPR certification at the gym. We will have a sign up sheet. Get with a coach or ask Joe for more information!!!

Also don’t forget to sign up for the OPEN!!!
Sign up at

CrossFit Texarkana – CrossFit

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2-4-16 (No Measure)

24 DUs


3 rounds

5 -4pt. squats

6 KB snatch alt.


Clean and Jerk (4×2 start at 40% (work on technique))

10 min CAP

Claudia and Jessica (Time)

Partner Wod

for time:

100 sit-up w/medball toss to partner

100 cal row

100 KB snatches 35/26 alt arms each rep

1 work 1 rest on row amd KB snatches alt arms

Cash Out

accumulate 2 min in plank

accumulate 2 min of L-sit from pull-up bar

Comp extra work-strength/ explosive (Distance)

4 rounds

3 DL pick weight

3 box jumps pick height

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