Cheap Gas

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Warmup (No Measure)

10:00 For Quality:

1:00 Bike

5 Medball Cleans

4 Candlestick Roll to Straddle (Each Side)

3 Medball Plank Rollouts

Strength/Skills (No Measure)

Every 0:45 For 12:00 (16 Sets)

Dynamic Pullups x 2 Reps

Use whatever bands are necessary to stay smooth & consistent. Form matters!

Cheap Gas (Weight)

Teams of 2

20:00 AMRAP

15/10 Calorie Bike

10 Burpees

1 Squat Clean (Progressive)

Partner alternate movements.

Score heaviest combined weight lifted.

If you miss a lift you must proceed to the next round regardless. In other words you only get one shot at making the lift each time.

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