Burp and Throw!!!

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7-29-15 (No Measure)

3 rounds

40s work 20s rest


KB thruster( hold KB under chin)

KB deadlift

Pull-up complex

9 min EMOM

kipping swings

hollow rock

pull-ups (if you have strict pullups do strict)


9min EMOM

3 pull-up

2 C2B

1 Bar MU

Burp and Throw!!! (Time)

Partner WOD

1 partner will complete a 2 min AMRAP at a time while the other partner rest

4 rounds x 2 minutes each

Row 250 meters

Burpee Wallball 20/14 (with remaining time) each partner will complete four rounds 8 as a team

Burpee Wallball= do a burpee and pick up the wallball and then perform a wallball shot- you must pass below parallel on the wallball each shot and touch your chest to floor on the burpee

For safety make sure you are out of the way when your wallball is coming down or catch it then burpee

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