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Gymnastics Pull -UP warm up and Skill Work (No Measure)

5 Min Mobility foam roll/ Lacrosse ball… ( calf, ankle ,quads, forearms, lats,shoulders)

:30 single unders both feet

Rest :20

:30 Single unders each side.

10 Arm Circles

Wrist Stretch

10 Alt Birddogs

:30 Second thread the needle (each side)

10-15 Scapular Push ups

5 walk outs

10 PVC pass throughs

:30 Lat stretch with PVC

:30 Second Childs Pose Elbows in with PVC

10 Hollow Body with PVC

10 Superman with PVC

10 Scapular pulls or shrugs

6 hip taps

10 Kipping swings or ring rows

2 min double under practice.

Gymnastics skill Muscle Up/ Kipping Pull ups (No Measure)

Take 10 minutes to work on a gymnastic skill. This is skill work on endurance or strength.

Don’t work until failure, rest as needed.

MG: Bulldog (Time)

For time:

55 meter Row

155 Double Unders

55 Pull ups

Cashout (No Measure)

Shoulder Mobility


3-4 Rounds

1 minute bike

30 second front rack hold with barbell. Use 100-110% of front squat max. (off of rack)

1 minute rest

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