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Warm Up

3-5 Foam Roll

2 min: Run, Row, or Bike

2-3 Rounds

8 Samson Lunges

8 Woodpecker

8 Crab Walk Steps

8 Walking Pigeon

8 Plank to Down Dog

4 Burpees

4 Burpee Broad Jumps

Gymnastics Pull -UP warm up and Skill Work (No Measure)

1 Rounds

30 Seconds of each. ( Rest as Needed)

1 Superman Hold and Release

2. Hollow Body Hold and Release

3. Table Top

4. Scap pulls

5. Hip Taps or alternating arm hangs

Pick a skill or two and practice for 10 minutes

double unders

hand stand walks

hand stand push-ups

muscle-ups bar or rings

monkey bar trips

pull-ups (kipping)


Or get with a coach for recommendations.

Wod Prep

Go over modifications.

Box Jump warm up

Metcon (Time)


40 Box Jumps

400M run

40 Toes to bar

400m run

40 Pull ups

400m run

Scale and modify to finish under 20min

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