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Warmup (No Measure)

3:00 Rowing Warmup

0:30 Damper Level 5

0:30 Damper Level 3

0:30 Damper Level 8

0:30 Damper Level 1

0:30 Damper Level 6

0:30 Damper Level 4

This is to help you find your “sweet spot.” The clock should be reset after each 0:30 interval.

Ankle Mobility Walks (30′ Each)

Heels Up

Toes Up

Toes In

Toes Out

Outside of Feet

Inside of Feet

30 Banded Good Mornings

(Slow Down/Explode Up…Focus on a flat back on the way down by accentuating your sternum forward, and then forcfully contract the glutes when you come up).

Library Deadlifts

3 Sets of 2 (Building to 60%)

(When you think “library” think “quiet,” so the object here is to lower thebar to the ground from the top as slowly as possible and attempt to nit make a sound when the barbell touches the ground. This is all about maintaining a solid position under tension.

Deadlift Cluster Sets (Weight)

E2MOM For 10:00 (5 Rounds):

R1: 4-3-3

R2: 3-3-2

R3: 3-2-1

R4: 2-2

R5: 1-1

With the cluster sets you will complete all reps required for the 2:00 window but you will rest 0:10-15 in-between each subset. In other words, on Round 1 you will do 4 Reps, rest 0:10-15, do 3 Reps, rest 0:10-15, 3 Reps, & then wait for the start of Round 2.

Target range is 60-70% of 3RM on all reps.

Boat Race (Time)

3 RFT:

500m Row

400m Run

Rest 3:00 in-between rounds.

After Party (No Measure)

Strict Pullups (Chin Over Bar)

6 Sets of 3 E2MOM

Use whatever bands are necessary to achieve perfect form!!! If bodyweight pullups are a breeze & form is dialed in you may add weight. If you are uncomfortable with pulling overhead then modify with 6 Sets of 6 Hard Angle Ring Rows.

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