Better Off Dead

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Warmup (No Measure)

5 Minute Foam Roll

2 Minute Cardio (Athlete’s Choice)

3 Rounds

3 Log Rolls Each Way

6 Candlestick Roll To Straddle Each Leg

9 Half Plank Donkey Kicks Each Leg

Then 15 Plate Halos Each Direction (15/10)

Strength/Skills (Weight)

Half Loaded Deadlifts

10 Sets of 1 Per Side (0:05 up/0:05 hold at the top/0:05 down)

Add 5-10# each set.

You will start with at least a 10# plate on one side while leaving the other side of the BB unloaded. This is to work rotary stability. Switch grip is NOT recommended.

Better Off Dead (AMRAP – Reps)

Teams of 2

30:00 Alternating EMOM

1) 10 Pullups/15 Ring Rows

2) 15 Slam Balls (20/12)

3) 7 HSPU/14 Pushups

4) 50′ Uneven DB Hi-Lo Carry (35&50/25&35)

5) 5 BB Rollouts

Each movement will be done twice in a row. Athlete A will complete the movement on the 1st minute, then Athlete B will complete the movement on the 2nd minute. Each athlete will perform max double unders for 0:30 on their respective off minutes.

You will score the total number of combined double unders completed over the course of the workout.

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