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CrossFit Texarkana – Border City Barbell Club

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Row 2 min

Burgener Warm up w/pvc


3 BTN push press

3 BTN Thrusters

3 overhead squats

3 pressing snatch balance

3 Heaving snatch balance

3 drop snatch

3 snatch balance

EMOM 1 tall snatch 1 Snatch from Mid thigh (EMOM 1 tall snatch and 1 snatch from mid thigh )

build up to heavy reps

Every 90 seconds (1x1x1 )

1 snatch pull

1 snatch high pull

1 snatch

build up to a heavy set

Clean+ Thruster (1+1)

1 Squat Clean+ 1 Thruster

build up to a max

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