CrossFit Texarkana – Border City Barbell Club

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Row .30 on .30 off 5 rounds. Increasing in intensity.

Group warm-up

Barbell Warm up

5-7 reps of the following:

Snatch grip RDL

Muscle snatch

Front squat

Snatch grip behind the neck push press

Snatch drops( working lower)


Tall Snatch

10 hang power snatch+OHS

Snatch Complex #1

Snatch set up.

Pause snatch at knee (2 count) Catch above parallel. 4×3 (keep light)

Snatch Complex #2

Hang Snatch (mid thigh) into full or power snatch 4X3

(may add weight after each set )

Clean and Jerk

Clean Set up.

Clean pull + hang full or power clean 4X3

(may add weight after each set.)

Jerk Drills



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