Barbell Saturday

CrossFit Texarkana – Border City Barbell Club

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Barbell Warm up

4 rds Row 30 seconds on 30 seconds off increasing watts

4 oil pumpers with warrior

1 min ankle stretch each side

knee pull

1 min pigeon each side

ankle pull

1 min couch each side

Sampson stretch

1 min of slow squats

bear crawl gymnastics down

weightlifting back

1 min active shoulder hang or hip taps

Group Burgener with PVC

Snatch Complex #1

WIth Barbell or PVC

4 rounds

1 muscle snatch from power position

1 tall snatch

1 drop snatch

Snatch Complex #2

4 rounds building in weight, but stay light.

1 halting snatch Deadlift hold 3 seconds

1 mid hang snatch

Snatch EMOM

10 min EMON 1 snatch @ 75% of 1RM

Clean and Jerk

4 rounds building in weight.

1 halting clean pull, from below knee. 3 seconds

1 full clean.

From rack Build to a heavy set of

1 push press

1 push jerk

1 power or split Jerk

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