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CrossFit Texarkana – Border City Barbell Club

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Barbell Warm up

4 rounds

30 seconds of jumping jacks

30 seconds of oil pumpers

With Kettlebell

4 rounds

30 seconds of Slow KB hip hinge.

30 seconds of SDLHP

With Kettlebell

10 Alt KB snatch pull

Then 10 KB snatch into OHS.

With Barbell or PVC

Work on Group Positions

snatch complex #1


High hang power snatch pull+ High hang power snatch. May add light weight.

Snatch Complex #2

3 Position snatch 4 Rds (Full or Power)

Slow from the ground. add weight, hit positions.

1) From High Hang

2) From above the Knee

3 )From Floor

Clean and Jerk

15 min EMOM

1 Clean and Jerk at 75% of Max

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