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Row 2 min


Row 20 sec on 20 secoonds off 5 rounds withdamper on 10.

2 min half kneeling ankle stretch agaonst wall.

2 min toe up against wall.

2 min couch stretch.

2 min pigeon

2 min oil pumper


90/90 breathing

Glute bridge breathing

Wall press breathing

Sidelaying Scapular Faclitaion

standing front to wall Scapitaion

Barbell Warm up

Barbell Warm up

2 Rds with snatch grip from hang position.


3 snatch pulls

3 muscle snatches

3 power snatches

With bar on back.

3 elbow rotations (each side)

3 back squats

3 BTN push press


3 snatch balance

snatch complex #1

10 min EMOM

1 power snatch+ 1 snatch balance(adding weight)

Clean and Jerk

Jerk drills

Jerk foot work drills

Tall jerk 4X3

Jerk balance 4×3

Clean &Jerk

10 Min EMOM

Clean pull + Hang Clean + Split or power jerk. Adding weight.

Snatch Deadlift


90% of max

100% of max

110% of max

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