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CrossFit Texarkana – Border City Barbell Club

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Saturday Barbell class (No Measure)

2 min row 10 easy pulls 10 hard pulls, building intensity.

Group warm up.

Barbell warm up.

3 Hang muscle snatch 1 ince above knee. + OHS

3 Hang power snatch 1 inch above knee + OHS

3 Pressing snatch balance

3 Heaving snatch balance

3 Drop snatch balance


Barbell class 10/6/18


10 mn to build to a heavy; 1 snatch pull,1 muscle snatch, 1 hang snatch .

4X3 with that weight

Snatch balnce from rack: 4,3,3,2,2,1. Last one should be at least 90% of squat snatch

Clean and Jerk.

Jerk drills from Rack from behind the neck Jerk balance.

4X3 stay below 75% of jerk max.

Build up to a heavy clean and Jerk; then EMONX 7with 90%.

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