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CrossFit Texarkana – Border City Barbell Club

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Barbell Warm up

Foam Roll 5 min

Group warm-up

jog 4 mat trips

Sampson stretch

Runners lunge and reach

Ankle Pulls

Knee pulls

Side shuffle with overhead clap

Ankle stretch/knee to wall

Wall Slides

Wall squats

Lying Snatch Grip Overhead Regression with 90/90 Breathing

with PVC.

Burgener With PVC.

10 jumping squats.

With Barbell


5 with Snatch Grip

5 Muscle Snatch(from mid shin)

5 front squats

5 overhead press

5 drop snatch working lower with each rep


Turnover and Catch


1-Active Upper Body

Your arms and upper back should actively be pulling against the bar as you squat down during the turnover. This action of pulling against the bar will keep the bar close to you and maintain a feel for where the barbel is in relation to your body.

Practice : Muscle Snatch 4×3( Adding weight )

#2-Active Feet

Lifting the feet off the platform will directly improve speed under the barbell as it allows you to move your hips downward faster.

#3-Move the Hips Down

Focusing on moving your hips down into the squat position to catch the bar will position you in the strongest and most stable place to receive the barbell. Focus on the hips will prevent you from the habit of dropping your chest to move under the bar as well.What are the key points to remember when receiving the bar in the bottom of the overhead squat?


#1-Bar Behind Head

From the side view the bar should be positioned behind the head with the shoulders slightly internally rotated to help position the bar above the upper back.

#2-Foot Placement

Your feet should be outside your hips with the toes and knees tracking in the same plane. For some this may be more turned out for others it may be straight forward the key is that your knee and toes are tracking together.

#3-Torso Posture

The hips should be set back with the torso in a relatively vertical position and the arms locked out completely overhead. This position allows you to remain balanced over the mid foot with the barbell overhead.

Practice: Tall Snatch.

Snatch Balance 4X3 ( Adding weight )

Jerk Drills

1) proper foot placement.

2) press from split

3)Stepping Jerk Balance

4)Jerk Balance

Jerk from Rack

4 sets of

1 Push Jerk + 1 Split Jerk

Build to a heavy

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