Barbell Class

CrossFit Texarkana – Border City Barbell Club

Warm Up
Row or bike 5 rds
*30 seconds on 30 seconds off, increase intensity.
*5 min foam rolling.
*With KB light to moderate weight 15-44
3 rds
10 RDL
10 Russian swings
10 alt Clean and jerk… 3 second pause at the top find correct position, bring down slowly.
1st rd
10 goblet squats pause , rock and twist
2nd rd goblet lunge
3 rd snatch and overhead squat

* Burgener/ skill transfer with PVC or Bar

*10 rds work on position and speed( just bar)
1 hang snatch from hip
1 overhead squat
1 snatch balance

* 10 min move at own pace
5-6 sets building. (50% of max recommended) of
1 pause snatch (from above knee) + 1 full or power snatch.

* 10 min to find a heavy double full or power snatch (may reset)

* Clean and Jerk
Jerk Drills with bar.
10 reps work at own pace rest as needed
1 power jerk from BTN (jerk grip)+ one split Jerk from BTN

Remaining time
Find a heavy double of..
1 tall clean+ 1 Jerk split or power

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