CrossFit Texarkana – Border City Barbell Club

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Warmup (No Measure)

3:00 Bike (Legs Only)

*Push down on the pedals using your quads.

Banded External Rotation w/0° Abduction x 30 Reps Per Arm

Banded Row/External Rotation/Overhead Press x 15 Reps Per Arm

Hip Halo Activation

Snatch Work (No Measure)

Every 2:00 For 10:00 (5 Sets):

Snatch Lift Off w/0:02 Pause x 5 Reps

Go @ 85% of your best snatch.

Clean & Jerk Work (No Measure)

Every 1:30 For 12:00 (8 Sets):

2 Dynamic High Hang Power Clean + 1 Dynamic Split Jerk

Go @ 50% of your best clean & jerk.

Accessory Work (No Measure)

5 Rounds For Quality:

Front Rack Reverse Lunges x 10 Reps (5R5L)(95/65)

Jefferson Curl x 3-5 Reps

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