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Barbell Warm up



Wall Slides

–Feet Start 6-8″ away from wall

-Elbows and wrists touching wall forearms vertical

keep moderate pressure against wall, sliding arms up and down

-Keep scapula depressed, traps relaxed (no shrugging)

-8-10 repsLying

Snatch Grip Overhead Regression.Lying Snatch Grip Overhead Regression

–Feet in Squat position, knees bent >90 degrees

-Ribs down, back flat abs engaged

-With Snatch grip Lower stick slowly to floor Maintain ribs down then controlled concentric

-Use tempo and pausing to increase ROM

-Overload with plate in the stick, move hips closer to wall

6-8 reps

Snatch Grip RDL

-Hold Barbell with Regular Snatch grip

-Feet Between Hip and Shoulder Width Apart

-Brace the Torso and Depress the Scapula

-Maintain Lat Engagement Throughout Movement

-Hinge at hip with controlled eccentric stopping below knee, shins remain perpendicular throughout Movement

-Maintain neutral spine for Entire movement

Muscle Snatch

-Hold Barbell with Regular Snatch grip

-Feet Between Hip and Shoulder Width Apart

-Start from Power Position, Soft knees, Shoulders Above Barbell

-Initiate drive through legs to full extension, end with legs locked out

-Continue elbow drive upward ONLY, no “flip and press”

-Shoulders remain above barbell throughout pull

-Shoulders rotated internally bar behind head

-4-6 reps

Overhead Squat

-Start with bar in overhead position with Snatch grip

-Feet Between Hip and Shoulder Width Apart, toes pointed out

-Maintain upper back stability, shoulders slightly internally rotated

-Initiate Squat from hips/knees together

-Knees track with toes

-Keep shoulders actively pushing into bar

-Maintain a neutral spine throughout movement

-5-8 reps

Tall Snatch (Muscle Snatch into Squat)

-Hold Barbell with Snatch grip

-Feet Between Hip and Shoulder Width Apart

-Start from standing position, shoulders above bar

-Elbows drive UP while pulling body under, hips move DOW

Snatch skill

Pull to Hip / Explosion

Start/ Set up

Lift bar from floor.

Knees out and back.

Bring bar to just below hips.

Bar close lats activated.

Shoulders are still above bar.

Don’t let hips rise too fast.

Don’t butt keep butt down too long.

Stay over the bar.


Snatch deadlift

Extend hips up and to the bar.

(lat drill)

Snatch Complex #1

Snatch Pull

Hang snatch

4×3 at 50-60% of 1 rep max

Snatch Complex #2

Build to a 1 rep heavy

4, 3, 3 , 2 , 1 , 1

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