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Row 30 on 30 off 4rds for watts

Group warm up

Jumping jacks

Gym Bear crawl

Weight lifting bear crawl

Oil pumpers warrior into crab

Ape walk

Ape hop.

Spider-Man reach

PVC warm up

Pass throughs

Sampson with PVC into twist

Burgener skill transfer

Snatch positioning

snatch complex #1

10 min

Muscle snatch into snatch balance. May add weight

Snatch EMOM

Snatch emom

Min 0:00-1:00 snatch pull + hang power + OHS.

Min 1-2 pause snatch power from above knee + OHS

Min2- 3 power snatch + OHS

Min 3-4 Rest

Min 4-7 repeat

Min 7-8 rest.

Min 8- 20 free flow

Clean and Jerk

Clean + Jerk

Complex 1

12 min adding weight work on speed

clean pull + hang power + front squat

Complex 2

Full clean +2 push/power jerk.

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