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Abraham Lincoln

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7-7-15 (No Measure)

6 min of

5 front squat with pause

5 strict push-ups

10 cossack squats (side to side lunge)
empty bar on front squats

5-3-1 PUSH press week 2 (20 min time CAP on strength)

Shoulder Press

1×5@ 40%

1×5 @50%

1×3@ 60%





8 min of shoulder moblity

or warm up anything else and set up for WOD

Abraham Lincoln (Time)

10-1 Thruster 95/45

1-10 Toes to bar

on 3,2,1 go you will do 10 thrusters followed by 1 toe to bar, 9 thrusters-2 toe to bar etc…

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