A letter to the box

I need to announce, with a heavy heart, to all of our athletes at the box and everyone that follows at home: This will be my last blog post with CrossFit Texarkana. I know that comes as a shock to many of you and that some of you have already heard; after much deliberation over the last few months Joe and I decided that it was time for Texarkana to have another CrossFit. I will be working toward making that happen. Even though I have enjoyed dishing out the pain to all off you over the last two years, this is not a move intended by either of us to hurt anyone or bring anyone down. Rather, it is a move intended to better serve Texarkana and the surrounding area with CrossFit. As much as I wish I didn’t have to leave in such a rush, there will be much to do and much time spent on preparing for the new location. It would not be fair to you at CFT to dilute the time you deserve from a head coach and trainer. Joe has made preparations to do our best to make the transition with as little disruption to your WODs as possible. Thanks CrossFit Texarkana for all the great times! 


Jaremy Lynn

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