A Grim Forecast


Spartan Training tomorrow at Grim Stadium 2pm!!! That’s the THS football field in case anyone wasn’t sure. Even if you’re not participating in the race you’re more than welcome to come! Everyone should budget about an hour to complete the workout, so bring your A-game! Just as a disclaimer equipment will be limited and on a first come first serve basis but I can guarantee you we will make it available to everyone in some way. Let’s have some fun guys!

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A Grim Forecast (Time)

Teams of 2

Buy-In: 100 Yard Football Field Snake Run (Snake every 5 yards, partners switch off at the 50-yard line)

Then –

10 Rounds

After jumping the rails together from the field to the stands…

1 Trip Snaking the Bleachers (Partners switch off every up and down trip (Alternate Home & Visitor side each round)

20 Yard Bear Crawl Pushing Odd Object (10 Yards a Piece)

(You will cover goal line to goal line down and back over the course of the WOD. Leave your object laying thrre after each 20 yards and pick up where you left off each subsequent round.)

Then –

Buy-Out: 100 Yard Partner Broad Jump (Alternate Every 5 Yards)(To signify the end of the WOD attempt to slap the bottom bar of the goal post…if you have the ups to do so!)

On the bleacher snaking, you will carry your odd object up & down the bleacher every other round. So basically the odd rounds will be bodyweight only, while the even rounds will be weighted.

The odd objects will be wreckbags and D-balls. They will be all different weights, so the object you carry may be heavier than what you planned for. Thats how it will be at the actual race…first come first serve! For each round of the weighted bleacher snake you will trade the type of objects. One will carry the weeckbag and the other will carry the D-Ball.

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