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Warmup (No Measure)

5 Rounds

5 DxKB Suitcase Deads

120′ Shuttle Sprint (60’+60′)

Straight Into

5 Rounds

3 DxKB Squat Cleans

120′ Shuttle Sprint (60’+60′)

KB should be moderate to heavy.

Try to start slow & build intensity throughout the warmup.

CF Games 2020 Events 2 & 5 (Weight)

Front Squat

5-4-3 @ 60%/65%/70%

Then In 20:00…

Find a 1RM Front Squat

Max HS Hold on Wall in between reps.

Your score will be your weight but you will record how much time you spent in a handstand in the WOD notes.

You should aim for 5-7 singles on front squat attempts so increase the weight with caution.

Flippin Tired (AMRAP – Reps)

Teams of 2

25:00 AMRAP

Athlete A: 15 Tire Flips

Athlete B: Max Calorie Bike on the Odd Rounds, Max Burpees on the Even Rounds

Score Total Bike Calories + Burpees

If the tire is too heavy for one person, they may be flipped as a team. The difference would be 30 bike calories & 30 burpees per round split between the two of you.

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