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CrossFit Warm Up * mat trips (No Measure)

Lot trips



Gymnastic Bear Crawl


High Knee

Butt Kickers


gymnastics strength (No Measure)

Accumulate 60s at the top of a pullup

Add weight for dificulty

Death by HSPUs (AMRAP – Reps)

Min 1: 1 HSPU

Min 2: 2 HSPUs

Min 3: 3 HSPUs

Continue until you are no longer able to complete the reps in 1 minute

Scale with HSPUs on a box

Cash Out

2x400m Farmers carry

Work:rest ratio 1:1 or while partner does work

Ruck Work

Sandbag S2S (shoulder to shoulder)

Males 85

Females 65

Drop or rest penalty: 5 my climbers ea leg

Susan G Komen 5k

On Saturday

2.5 mile run @ 5k pace +30s

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