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Warm Up (No Measure)

1 Round:

3 Lot Trips

0:30 Twisted Cross

12 PVC Pass Throughs

6 Inchworm to Pushup to Down Dog

12 Plank Diagonals

0:30 Half Split

12 Scap Shrugs

Burgener Warmup (With Cues) (No Measure)

1. Down and Finish (Speed Thru The Middle)

2. Elbows High and Outside (Bar Close)

3. Muscle Snatch (Snappy Turnover)

4. Snatch Lands 2″, 4″, 6″, Full Depth (Foot Work)

5. Snatch Grip Push Press (Overhead Strength)

6. Overhead Squat (Core Strength)

7. Heaving Snatch Balance (Fast Hands)

8. Snatch Balance w/o a Dip (Fast Hands, Fast Feet)

9. Snatch Balance w/a Dip (Fast Hands, Fast Feet)

Rocking Chair (Time)

5 Rounds For Time:

10 Toes to bar

10 Power snatch (115/75)

15 Push-ups

RX+ Handstand Push-ups

Cashout (No Measure)

2-3 Rounds:

0:10-0:20 Single Arm Dumbbell Row Static Hold (Top)

14 Single Legged Kettlebell Romanian Deadlifts (R7+L7)

0:20-0:40 Second Supinated Grip Dead Hang (Palms Facing)

14 Single Arm Arnold Presses (R7+L7) https://youtu.be/R-RTgOxrj88

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