8th grade Health

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We have been learning about fitness in my health classes, I told them whoever could write the best wod I would program it. Here it is

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11-18-15 (No Measure)

250 meter row



over under

gymnastics bear


high knees

butt kicks

hand stand work 11-18-15 (if you score, score total HSPU)

10 rounds alternate movements

40s work 20s rest

Strict HSPU 4-5 reps

HS walk

sub deficit push-ups(feet on box) for HSPU

sub HS holds or shoulder taps for HS walk

8h grade Health class (Time)

3 rounds

20 cal row

20 Wall Ball 20/14

20 push-ups

Competitor extra work 11-18-15 (No Measure)

Accumulate 40 strict pull-ups in as few sets as possible

use bands, body weight, extra weight

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