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Warm Up (hams) (No Measure)

50 DUs

3 rounds

10 KB RDLs

8 Step-Ups

6 KB Thrusters

Front Squat (Tempo:4 count down, 2 count at the bottom)

5@40%, 5@50%, 3@60%, 3@70%, 3@80%, 3+@90%

Bring Sally Up (Weight)

Back squats from the floor to the words of Moby’s Flower
Complete all reps to Rx

Choose a weight that you can complete the workout but is challenging

Cash Out sled push (No Measure)

6 rds

20m sled push

12 Good Mornings

3 position snatch

Eight 3 position Snatches @80% of 1rm high hang

Rest as much as needed

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