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Warm Up 1 (No Measure)

300 meter row

3 rds

12 kb swings

10 OH KB lunges

8.24.16 (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

20mins w/ a partner

Calorie row 20/15

20 Pistols (R1, L2, R3, etc)

20 hang cleans 75/55
Partner A will complete 1 full rd while Partner B rests

Cash Out *Plank (Time)

Tabata Plank

Tabata Hollow Body Holds

3 position snatch

5 Rounds

1 high hang snatch + 1 low hang snatch + 1 full snatch @90% of 1rm high hang

Rest as much as needed

Ruck Work.3 (No Measure)

Ruck 800m with sack 30/20

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