We hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! We have a few reminders for everyone. First, everyone who is planning on doing the Europa competition needs to have their money turned in to their team captain by the end of the week or you need to contact your team captain about payment. The competition is a month out and we need to lock down and register our teams. Some lineup changes have been made since some have dropped off already, so to ensure your teams spot make sure you check in this week. Second, remember that tomorrow the Eatology team will be here all day for the classes. They will be putting us through a wod and talking nutrition with everyone. No 5:30pm or 6:30pm class Tuesday night!!  There will be a full seminar from 5:30pm to 7pm. Everyone try to make it out to see what you’ve been missing with your nutrition, whether your goal be losing/gaining weight, or improving performance. Now it’s time to work off that bad holiday food we’ve all been eating!!!!!!!!

For Time:

100 Burpees

Cash Out:

3 x 400m Run

Rest 90 Seconds