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CrossFit Warm Up * mat trips (No Measure)

300 meter row



Gymnastic Bear Crawl


High Knee

Butt Kickers


Gymnastics skill work (kipping) (No Measure)

Practice Kipping HSPU, HSWalks, tripod, or any variation thereof for 10 mins

SA WOD 3…kinda (Time)

With partner

60 Deadlifts while partner holds the top of a DL

60 S2OH while partner holds bar overhead in locked out position

60 Front Squats while partner holds bar in front rack

95/65 for all movements
15 min time cap

Add 1 sec for each rep not completed

Cash Out

6x250m Row

rest 1 min

Extra Comp Unbroken (AMRAP – Reps)

As many unbroken power snatches as possible at 135/95

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