Ok guys remember that we will be closed on thursday for Independence Day. Friday we will have one class time at 10:30am. Exciting this things coming next week!! Laurah Hawkins, from Bryan, Texas, will be hosting an Eatology Paleo Zone seminar on Tuesday July 9th. She is the owner of Bodylab CrossFit and Eatology. Her and her crew will be here for all class times on Tuesday. The AM classes will get a little more individual attention if you are at all interested in showing up to an early class just for this day. She is even going to talk nutrition with our kids class, so parents come in and listen as well! The 4:30pm will continue just like the AM and then at 5:30pm Laurah will start an actual seminar lasting until 7:00pm. This hour and a half is going to be the real meat of learning. So come in and check it out. Now is the time to dial in and get those unanswered questions covered and truly see what it’s going to take you, individually, to improve performance and take your athleticism to the next level!!! Now for the fun stuff!!

“Fight Gone Bad”

3 Rounds:

Wall Balls 20/14 lbs 1 Min

Sumo Deadlift High Pull 75/55 lbs 1 Min

Box Jumps 20 in 1 Min

Push Press 75/55 lbs 1 Min

Row for Calories 1 Min

Rest 1 Min

*Score total reps

fgbphotoThe stage is all set!!!!