Just wanted to let you guys and gals know that you all did AWESOME yesterday!!!!! PR’s everywhere! There wasn’t enough whiteboard to write them all down. That’s what we love to see. Great job everyone.

**We have an announcement for all the parents at the box who bring their children. For the safety of the kiddos and adults alike, we have to ask that all children remain in the kids area while adults are working out. There’s just too much going on at all times, and it’s just a matter of time before we have an incident. We know that no one wants a child injured in the box, and we appreciate your cooperation.**

Warm Up


5 x 3 

Overhead Press


For Time:

70 Double Unders

35 Handstand Push Ups

35 Toes to Bar

Cash Out:

Goat Practice

*Work on a movement that has been giving you trouble.