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Warm Up *Shoulders (No Measure)

50 double unders

2 rounds

10 PVC pass throughs

8 OHS squats

6 pullups

4 T2B

Overhead Squat (5×3)

2 sets to warmup

3 sets at the same heavy weight

6.20.16 (Time)



Scaled option 1: HSPU with knees or feet on a box and pull-ups.

Scaled option 2: Pike push-ups and banded pullups

3 position snatch

6 x 90s each

1 snatch from hips

1 snatch from above knee

1 snatch from floor

*you may add weight no more than twenty pounds per round or less

If you fail a rep go down 10 pounds

Cash Out

Banded Shoulder Mobility

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