CrossFit Texarkana – CrossFit

Warm-up (No Measure)

With a partner

10 x 100m Run Total

Start Slow & Build in Intensity.

Rest 2:00 Then

2 Rounds

10 Lateral Lunges (5R5L)

10 KB Front Rack/Suitcase Alternating Stepups (5R5L)

10 Single Leg Box Jumps (5R5L)

Metcon (Distance)

Kneeling Snatch Jumps

Perform a kneeling jump and at the same time snatch a dowel/PVC from the hips.

Go for max height single.

Rx+ Add weight

Handstands & Pullups

5 Sets:

Max Strict Pullups (Banded/Weighted)

0:30 Handstand Hold (Progressions)

Rest 1:00



L2-Headstand on Palms

L3-Headstand on Forearms

L4-Handstand on Wall

L5-Freestanding Handstand

Score Total Strict Pullups

Metcon (Distance)

1 1/4 Back Squat

Every 4:00 x 4 Rounds

4 Reps @ 70%

After each set perform a max distance triple broad jump.

Score AVERAGE distance.

Wookin Pa Nub (Time)

Teams of 2

Every 8:00 For 32:00

400m Run

30 Weighted Situps (25/15)

20 Calorie Row

10 Power Cleans (155/105)

Rx+ 205/135

Score slowest round.

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