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CrossFit Warm Up #1 (No Measure)

Lot trips

3 rounds

9 kb rdls

8 goblet squats

7 pushups

Gymnastics skill work

3 rounds not for time

6 kipping swings(controlled)

10 supine ring rows *option for more dificulty: hold lacrose ball in 1 hand for 5 reps, then switch hands

Rest as needed

6.15.16 (Time)

For time:

250m row

30 alt single-arm overhead kb lunge 53/35

15 burpees

250m row

20 single-arm OH KB lunge

10 burpees

250m row

10 single-arm OH KB lunge

5 burpees

*alt lunge every 5 reps

*Rx+ 70/53

*scale option: 35/26

Power Clean (7 min EMOM)

1 Power Clean + 1 floating squat clean + 1 push jerk

*drop 5-10 lbs if a set is missed

*try not to release the bar at any point during a set

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