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Warm-up (No Measure)

Banded Hip & Core Warmup

Squat Jumps x 10 Reps

Skaters x 20 Total Reps

2-1-2 Jumps x 10 Reps Per Side

Scissor Jumps x 20 Total Reps

180° Squat Jumps x 5 Reps Each Direction

Snatch (Weight)

Snatch Warmup w/Empty BB

EMOM x 15:00

Snatch x 1 Rep @ 75-80%

Clean & Jerk (Weight)

Clean & Jerk Warmup w/Empty BB

EMOM for 15:00

Clean & Jerk x 1 Rep @ 75-80%

Cardio Potty (Time)

Teams of 3

For Time:

9,000m Row

One person rows, one person runs 300m with a 20/14 medball, and the third person rests. When the person doing the medball run gets back you rotate. The runner rests & the one resting moves to the rower. The rower is always going.

40:00 Time Cap

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