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Warmup (No Measure)

3 Rounds:

0:30 BB Rack Shoulder Stretch Each Direction

10 Banded 90° External Rotation Press Each Side (0:01 Squeeze at Each Position)

9-7-5 Calorie Row (Build in Intensity)

2 Turkish Getups Per Side (Weight Not to Exceed 35/26)

Gymnastics (AMRAP – Reps)

4 Sets:

Ring Dips x Max Reps

0:10-0:15 L-Sit Hold Between Sets

Modify on boxes or benches.

Weightlifting (Weight)

Every 0:30 for 15:00 (30 Reps)

Hang Power Clean to Parallel x 1 Rep

Target weight is 45-55% 1RM Squat Clean

Snatchbox 20 (Weight)

With a Partner:

25:00 AMRAP

10 DB Box Stepups (35/20)(20″)

10 Power Snatches

One partner does 10&10 while the other rests. The starting snatch weight should be approximately 40-45% of your 1RM. Increase the weight by 5-10# per round. When you reach failure drop to 80% of your heaviest set of 10 completed and finish the workout at that weight. Score the combined two heaviests sets of 10.

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