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Warmup (No Measure)

Catalyst Athletics Oly Lift Warmup

15 Reps Each Of:

Wrist Circles

Elbow Circles

Over & Under

Large Arm Circles

Hip Circles

Leg Swings

Squat Ankle Stretch

Russian Baby Makers

Snatch Work (Weight)

Snatch Warmup w/PVC

Snatch Grip Push Press

3 Sets of 3 working to 60% 1RM Snatch

Snatch High Pull

3 Sets of 5 @ 80% 1RM Snatch

Score total weight between the two movements.

Clean Work (Weight)

Clean Warmup w/Empty BB

3-Position Clean x 3 Sets working to 60% of 1RM Clean

In The Hole Front Squats

5 Sets of 1 @ 95% 1RM Clean

This will be done in a team of 3.

Score the total weight between the two movements.

Gone In 60 Seconds (Time)

Teams of 2

10 RFT

20 Single DB Alternating Step Back Lunges (35/20)

16 Alternating DB Power Snatches (35/20)

12 Burpees

EMOM: Both Partners Perform 20 Double Unders

Partners Alternate Movements

Rx+ 53/35 KB

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