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Seated Rotation Test (No Measure)

Sitting on floor upright, back straight, legs crossed, one foot on each side of a rack or door jamb. Hold PVC across collarbone. Pipe should stay in contact with Shoulders at all times. Keeping back straight, rotate to each side, attempting to touch PVC to rack. Torso stays upright, no leaning.

Metcon (No Measure)

every 30s for 8 sets- 1 Hollow Body to Superman to Hollow Body roll and back

Rest 2:10 minutes

Tabata Plank in the top of a Push-up

Rest 2:10 minutes

Tabata Alternating Side Plank

Rest 2:10 minutes

Tabata Hanging L-Sit

Cash Out

Bring Sally Up

Air Squats or Back racked PVC pipe. Concentrate on good Squat form

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