Yoga tonight @ 6:30pm

In case you guys haven’t seen, we have put up a goal chart for donations on a new pull up rig we want to put in. We’re already pretty close to this goal but we have just a little bit more to go before we’re there. If you’d like to make any kind of donation of any amount to the rig, we’d be extremely grateful! If you’d like to donate please get with Daylon, Joe, or Molly. Thanks!!

Warm Up


“Fight Gone Bad”

3 Rds For Total Reps:

1 Min Wall Balls 20/14 

1 Min Sumo Deadlift High Pulls @ 75/55

1 Min Box Jumps 24/20

1 Min Push Press @ 75/55

1 Min Row for Calories

Rest 1 Min between rounds

Cash Out:

5 Min Couch Stretch

5 Min Wall Drill

5 Min Find Your Corners