What an exciting time at CF TXK! We have so many great things going on.  The Open has been a blast! We had 29 people sign up.  That’s by far the most we’ve ever had!  I’m so proud of everyone that signed up and everyone that showed up to cheer us on!  Next year, let’s set another record with participation.  It really gives you something to work towards!

Last week we started RowFit.  It’s a new and fun program that is for everyone, regardless of their current fitness level.  Learn more about it, and mention to friends and family! If you’re looking to burn some body fat, while increasing your endurance, agility, and strength, RowFit is for you!

In April, we are starting another new class.  I told you it’s an exciting time!  At 6:30pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, we will have an Olympic Lifting/Strength Class.  If you are planning on participating in Europa or just want to improve your lifts, I encourage you to sign up.  Check the Whiteboard and the Stairs for more details.

Don’t forget that we now have Yoga on Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings.  Yoga is perfect for your rest days, or recovery after a WOD.  Mobility is the key to preventing injury and getting the most powerful performance in your WODs.  We encourage each of our athletes to make yoga, or some kind of mobility exercises, a regular part of your fitness routine.

I want to thank every one of our members for all they do, and the hard work they put in.  We have a great group!  Every time we have a drop-in or visitor, I always get a compliment on how friendly our athletes are; that to me means more than anything. I can’t close without a huge thank you to our CF TXK coaches.  The encouragement, support, and excellent training you provide on a daily basis are one of the main reasons for the outstanding results that our athletes are seeing!  Keep up the great work coaches!

Joe Byrd

Warm Up


Back Squat 




3 Rounds For Time:

400m Run 

21 KB Swings 53/35

12 Pull Ups

Cash Out:

Tabata Handstand Hold

Row 750m in watts (Keep row above BW)