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Warmup (No Measure)

500m Row (Nasal Breathing Only)

10 PVC Pass Thrus (Slow Tempo)

1K Bike (Hard Nasal Inhale/Mouth Exhale)

20 Overhead Band Pull Aparts

200m Run (Mouth Inhale/Mouth Exhale)

30 Banded Behind the Neck Strict Press (Dynamic)

Each subsequent breathing protocol represents a higher intensity effort.

Gymnastics (No Measure)

5 Sets:

5 Burpee to Kneeling Jumps

5 Sit to Stands As Low As Possible (Any Variation)(No momentum)

Rest as needed

Weightlifting (Weight)

Power Snatch

EMOM for 10:00

1 Rep @ 80%

Sleeveless Sunday (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Teams of 2

20:00 AMRAP

30 Pushups

100′ Walking Lunge (Together)

30 OHS (75/55)

100′ Farmer Carry (Together)(50’s/35’s)

Partners divide the pushups and OHS however they choose.

Rx+ 70/53 KBs, 50′ SA OH Lunge (50/35)(25’R25’L)

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