Friday 5-30-2014

So the month of June is upon us and it’s time to mix some things up! We want to dedicate the month of June to gymnastics! Gymnastics  ability is the basic foundation to all things CrossFit. It’s how we develop the mechanics and mobility to get in good, safe, and efficient positions before we start to add load. We plan to provide progressions galore to get you guys heading the right direction. It’s important to understand that we all don’t work at the same level in all areas. Take this time to do what’s needed to get YOU were YOU need to go. We need to focus on the weak spots and hit them with consistency.  Some things may get repetitive, but bear with us. Get ready for Gymnasty June!!!

We are about to get our canoes and kayaks reserved for the float trip on June 14th. If you’re interested in joining us for a day of fun on Mt Fork River then get your name on the list on the whiteboard by this afternoon!!! 

*Wod may be modified depending on the weather

Warm Up (80 Double Unders)


Deadlift Technique


20 Min AMRAP:

21 Sit Ups

15 Deadlift 225/155

400m Run

Cash Out:

Posterior Chain Mobility and Stretching

Wednesday 5-28-2014

The classes are getting packed! We love to see that but we also want to keep the chaos as organized as possible. Remember, the designated class times belong to the attendees of that class. Therefore, the general class takes top priority of the floor and ALL equipment. That’s not to say that you can’t work on other things outside of the class. Just make sure it’s not obstructing anything or anyone. At the top of each class we’d like everyone not participating to please clear the mats of all equipment being used so it doesn’t block the warm ups. Also, you guys have been doing a pretty good job of it anyways but make sure on strength days for the general class that all racks are clear for use. Thanks everyone and keep up the hard work!!!

Warm Up (78 Double Unders)


15 Min AMRAP:

500m Row Buy In


9 Toes to Bar

15 KB Swing 53/35

21 Box Jumps 24/20

Cash Out:

30 Hollow Rocks/Progressions

3×15 Hips Extensions

5 Min Squat Test

Tuesday 5-27-2014

Warm Up (77 Double Unders)


Split Jerk



Death By Clean and Jerk 135/95

*1 C&J on min 1, 2 C&J on min 2, 3 C&J on min 3, and so on until you can’t complete the required reps for that min.

Oly Program Wod

Open Wod 12.1

7 Min AMRAP:


*Jump to a target 6in above max reach. Chest must fully touch the ground.

Cash Out:

Tabata Russian Twist @ 25/15

750m Row

Friday 5-23-2014

Everyone have a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend!! We will have one class time on Monday afternoon. Check back on the site and Facebook for an exact time. Also, check back tonight regarding tomorrow’s Open Gym. We may or may not have an Open Gym this weekend due to most of the coaches being out of town. We’ll post as soon as possible. Thanks!

Warm Up (75 Double Unders)


Snatch Grip Deadlift

5 x 2


10 Min AMRAP:

9 Deadlift 115/75

6 Hang Power Snatch 115/75

3 Overhead Squat 115/75

Cash Out:

3 Min Tire Flip Test