Thursday 1-30-2014

Skill Day

We will take today to work on a weakness. Come in with something you’d like to work on be it a lift, gymnastic skill, or really anything you’d like to improve or take time to practice. Some people are interested in getting their maxes on certain lifts. Today would be a great day to do that! If you’re interested in getting a wod today, then we’ll get you set up with one. Today is not a rest day. Come in and get some skill work in!!!!

Wednesday 1-29-2014

We still have squares available for the Super Bowl board. We plan to draw the numbers friday so get yours soon. $10 a square. Portion goes to helping the gym get some new equipment for you guys!!! Get with a coach soon to pick yours out. Effective tomorrow there will no longer be a 6:30pm class other than yoga on Wednesday nights. We have some new things coming for that time slot that we’ll announce in the near future.

Warm Up


Push Jerk




10 Push Press 75/55

10 HR Push Ups

Rest 1 Min


10 Cal Row

10 Burpees

Rest 1 Min


20 Double Unders

10 Abmat Sit Ups

Cash Out:

Hanging L Sit (accumulate 2 Min)

Handstand Hold (accumulate 3 Min)

Monday 1-27-2014

Ok guys don’t forget to get your squares for the Super Bowl this weekend. The squares will help the gym get some new equipment and also give you the opportunity to win some cash!! $10 a square. Get with a coach to get yours this week!

Warm Up


Back Squat



Death by Sprints

1st Min 1 Mat Trip Down

2nd Min 2 Mat Trips (1 Down, 1 Back)

3rd Min 3 Mat Trips (1 Down, 1 Back, 1 Down)

*Continue adding 1 mat trip each minute until you can’t perform the the required reps in that minute.

Cash Out:

“Bring Sally Up”


Friday 1-24-2014

Warm Up


CrossFit “Other Total”

Max 1 Rep Clean 

Max 1 Rep Bench Press

Max 1 Rep Overhead Squat

*You will get 3 attempts at each lift to reach a 1 rep max. Warm Up sets are allowed but a coach must verify each of your 3 attempts at a max. Score is combined total of 3 lifts

Cash Out:

Turkish Get Up Tutorial

5-4-3-2-1 Not For Time:

Turkish Get Ups (per arm) 35/20lb

Strict Toes to Bar

Thursday 1-23-2014

Eatology Nutrtion Seminar tonight at 5:30pm.

Warm Up 


20 Min AMRAP w/partner

1 Chest to Bar Pull Up, 1 Jumping Squat

2 Chest to Bar Pull Up, 2 Jumping Squat

3 Chest to Bar Pull Up, 3 Jumping Squat

4 Chest to Bar Pull Up, 4 Jumping Squat

*Continue moving up by 1 rep each round. Partners share the work. Example 10 C2B Pull Ups, 10 Jumping Squats- Partner A does 5 Pull Ups and Partner B does 5 Pull Ups. Followed by 5 and 5 on Jumping Squats. Share reps however you want. All reps at a station must be complete before moving to the next. Score total reps completed.

Wednesday 1-22-2014

Don’t forget we have an Eatology Nutrition Seminar Thursday during the 5:30pm class. Everyone needs to try and make it if you’re able. Even if you were here the last time they visited come for some new info on how to make you a better athlete!!

Warm Up





7 Rounds For Time:

7 Right Arm KB Snatch 53/35

7 Left Arm KB Snatch 53/35

7 Clapping Push Ups

21 Jumping Jacks

*KB comes from the ground on each rep

Cash Out:

30 Hollow Rocks

30 Supermans