Tuesday 12-31-2013

No afternoon classes today. Open Gym today from 5:30am to 9:30am. Closed tomorrow. Back to normal schedule on Thursday. Everyone please be safe tonight!!! Happy New Years!

Warm Up


Back Squat



7 Rounds For Time:

10 Wall Balls 20/14

10 Toes to Bar

10 Box Jumps 24/20 in

Cash Out:

Max Dead Hang

2×15 Hip Extensions

Monday 12-30-2013

The schedule this week will be the same as last week. Open Gym on Tuesday from 5:30am to 9:30am. No afternoon classes on Tuesday December 31st. Closed on New Years Day. Back to normal hours on Thursday. A New Year is coming and it’s time to set some new goals for yourself!!!! We want to know what your goals are. Get with a coach and let us know what your goals are so we can get you on the right track to reaching them!! If you don’t know what your goals are then let us get you heading in the right direction. Remember, now is the time to get started building those summer bodies!! 

Warm Up


For Total Points:

4 Min AMRAP:

8 Unbroken Front Squats 115/75

4 Min AMRAP:

8 Unbroken Shoulder to Overhead 115/75

4 Min AMRAP:

8 Unbroken Pull Ups

4 Min AMRAP:

15 Double Unders

*Reps MUST be unbroken to count. Example – 8 Unbroken Front Squats = 1 point. If you drop the bar to rest at 7 Front Squats then the set doesn’t count and you start back at zero. Sets can be consecutive i.e. 16 Unbroken Pull Ups = 2 points, 45 Unbroken Double Unders = 3 points. 16 min running clock. No rest between AMRAPs

Cash Out:

Tabata Plank

Friday 12-27-2013

Warm Up





CrossFit Games Open Wod 13.4

7 Min AMRAP:

3 Clean & Jerk 135/95 lbs

3 Toes to Bar

6 Clean & Jerk 135/95 lbs

6 Toes to Bar

9 Clean & Jerk 135/95 lbs

9 Toes to Bar

12 Clean & Jerk 135/95 lbs

12 Toes to Bar

*Continue in multiples of 3 until time expires

Cash Out:

Max Effort 500m Row. Go for PR!!

50 Slow Abmat Sit Ups


Thursday 12-26-2013

We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! I’m sure many of you can’t wait to get in today to try out your new goodies from Santa! We will be back to a normal schedule today with our 3 am classes and 3 pm classes. 

Warm Up


Strict Press



For Total Reps:

2 Min of KB Swing 53/35

2 Min of Push Ups

90 Seconds of KB Swing 53/35

90 Seconds of Push Ups

1 Min of KB Swings 53/35

1 Min of Push Ups

Cash Out:

Max Broad Jump

Max Box Jump

Tuesday 12-24-2013

Today we will have an Open Gym from 5:30am to 9:30am. No afternoon classes.

Warm Up


20 Min Partner AMRAP:

5 Squat Clean Thrusters 95/65 lbs

7 Hang Power Cleans 95/65 lbs

9 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls 95/65 lbs

* Partners alternate movements. Partner A does 5 thrusters. Partner B Does 7 power cleans etc.

Cash Out:

Tabata Plate Push 45/25 lbs


Monday 12-23-2013

Holiday hours this week. Monday we will have a normal schedule. Tuesday, Christmas Eve, we will have an open gym from 5:30am to 9:30am. No afternoon classes on Christmas Eve. Closed Christmas day. Normal schedule Thursday and Friday. 

Warm Up


For Time:

15 C2B Pull Ups

1 Burpee

13 C2B Pull Ups

3 Burpees

11 C2B Pull Ups

5 Burpees

9 C2B Pull Ups

7 Burpees

7 C2B Pull Ups

9 Burpees

5 C2BPull Ups

11 Burpees

3 C2B Pull Ups

13 Burpees

1 C2B Pull Up

15 Burpees

Cash Out:

Double Tabata. Alternate Planks and Sit Ups

750m Row

Wednesday 12-18-2013

Changing it up a little this year!!!! Merry Christmas guys!! 

Remember general class takes priority over barbell usage, especially today!

Feel free to wear your Christmas attire

12 Days of Christmas Wod

For Time:

1 Clean & Jerk 185/125 lbs

2 Muscle Ups (Rings or Bar)

3 Handstand Push Ups

4 Turkish Get Ups 53/35 lbs

5 Box Jumps 30/24 lbs

6 Pistols

7 Pull Ups

8 Burpees

9 Toes to Bar

10 Wall Balls 20/14 lbs

11 KB Sumo Deadlift High Pulls 70/53 lbs

12 Thrusters 115/75 lbs

*Perform movements in order of the song “12 Days of Chrsitmas.” 1 C&J……2 MU, 1 C&J…….3 HSPU, 2 MU, 1 C&J…etc

*Scale and modify accordingly