Friday 11-1-2013

November is here and exciting things are going on this month! Starting Monday we will be getting “back to the basics” and we couldn’t be more excited about it. We work out for so long with the same routine and most of us, trainers included, forget to take a step backwards every once in a while just to end up 3 steps forward! We see major gains and PR’s in our future! Tomorrow Kendrick Farris will be in the box doing an Oly lifting seminar from 11am to 3pm. After the 5:30pm class is over we will be cleaning up the box for Saturday. If anyone wants to volunteer to help out it would be much appreciated. Remember No Saturday 9:30am Open Gym.

On November 16th at 9:00am CrossFit Texarkana will be hosting a fundraiser workout for the Texas High Lady Tigers Soccer Team. The event will be held at Texas High. There will be a raffle for some awesome items donated by local businesses. Pick up a form to register at the gym. Deadline to register and receive a Tshirt will be today, though you can still register up until the event but your shirt will come later. For anyone who may be interested, we have a team of athletes doing the Savage Race on November 23rd outside of Dallas. You can still sign up. Join Team Texarkana and sign up for the 11am non competitive heat. 

Everyone be sure to check out our Athlete of the Month tab. This month we acknowledge Jenni and all of her hard work! Congrats Jenni you’ve earned it!

Open Gym 

It’s been a rough week and you guys have handled it like champs. Take today for active recovery, mobility and stretching, to make up a wod, or maybe do some skillwork.

Thursday 10-31-2013

Thanks everyone for the great turnout last night! We hope everyone had fun. This upcoming weekend we will be a host for the Bless The Gym Tour. US Olympian Kendrick Farris will be in the box holding an olympic lifting clinic. We will not have a 9:30am open gym this saturday  due to the seminar going on but may possibly have a get together afterwords. Check back for details. 

Warm Up


12 Min Every Minute on the Minute:

Odd – Jumping Jacks (hands clap over head and behind the back)

Even – Thrusters 45/35 lb

*Score total thrusters

Cash Out:


GHD Sit Ups/Abmat Sit Ups

GHD Hip Extensions/Supermans

Wednesday 10-30-2013

Halloween Party Tonight at 6:30pm. The general 6:30pm class will be the Halloween wod. Bring a pumpkin to wod with. Food and festivities to follow the wod. Dress up, bring the family and hang out! Monday we will begin with a new programming format and carrying it out through the month of November. Consider it a “back to the basics” training. If you attend regularly through this re-educating of CrossFit then we guarantee that you will be a better CrossFitter and healthier more functional human being. Even those who feel like they are the most experienced in the box need this step backwards to get to the next level in their training. Exciting things are coming!!! Stay tuned!

Warm Up 


For Time:

30 Wall Balls



Toes to Bar

Hand Release Push Ups


30 Wall Balls

Cash Out:

Tabata Row

Tabata Double Unders

Tuesday 10-29-2013

We’ve had to change the date of our Halloween party. The party will now be on Wednesday night in place of the 6:30pm class. Everyone who wishes to attend the party needs to bring a pumpkin to participate in the Halloween wod. Also, bring any extra pumpkins if you are bringing children that would like to decorate pumpkins. On top of the wod we will be cooking out and playing games so get dressed up and bring the family out for a night of fun!

Warm Up


10 Min AMRAP:

1 Burpee

5 Double Unders

2 Burpees

10 Double Unders

3 Burpees

15 Double Unders

4 Burpees

20 Double Unders

*Continue moving up by 1 rep on burpees and 5 reps on double unders until time expires. 

Cash Out:

5 Min Rope Climb Test

*Complete as many ascents as possible in 5 min