Tuesday 10-1-2013

Today begins the race to 5,000 Burpees Challenge!!!! Everyone get your money in to Joe, Daylon, or Molly. Winner gets the pot! Let’s go folks, join in and accept the challenge!!! Don’t forget to get registered for Race for the Cure. Join a team and search CF Texarkana NOT CrossFit Texarkana. Lots of events coming up this month! Race For The Cure on Oct 19th, Texarkana’s first Zombie 5k on the 26th, and we’re looking to have our Halloween Party/Wod the night of the 26th. Details on those events to follow.

Foundations today at 5:30am and 6:30pm

Warm Up


7 Min

Find Max Clean & Jerk


20 Min Run

*Every Min on the Min sprint for 15 seconds.

Cash Out:

Tabata Handstand Holds

30 Hollow Rocks

Monday 9-30-2013

We hope everyone had a great weekend! Tomorrow starts October and the 5,000 Burpee Challenge. All you need to do this challenge is $10 to throw in the pot and the will to do 5,000 burpees before anyone else!! Winner gets the pot! Rules will be explained to those who enter. Sign up for the challenge!

Warm Up


3 Rounds For Time:

Strict Pull Ups :30 sec

Hand Release Push Ups :30 sec

Sit Ups :30 sec

Squats :30 sec

*No rest between stations

*Score total reps

Cash Out:

8 x 200m Run

Rest 30 Sec


EMOM 100m Sprint for 12 min

Friday 9-27-2013

Don’t forget to get registered for Race for the Cure! We still see a lot of the names on the board aren’t signed up online. Remember to search CF Texarkana NOT CrossFit Texarkana. Also, start checking us out on twitter and instagram. 

Warm Up


Move 30 Times Bodyweight

– You must use Overhead Press, Squat (must be from the ground. Back, Front, or Overhead), Deadlift, Clean, and Snatch.

– You will multiply your body by 20. Then you will divide by 5.

– You will move the exact same poundage per lift.

Cash Out:

Gymnastics Skill work

Thursday 9-26-2013

Foundations today at 5:30am and 5:30pm. Prices for Savage Race increase at midnight tonight, so if you’re interested in going make sure you get registered. 

Warm Up


Snatch Technique


4 Rounds For Time:

10 Snatches 95/65 lbs

50 Double Unders

Cash Out:

Accumulate 3 Min Hanging L Sit

3 x 8 Back Extensions


10 x :30 sec

Rest 1 Min

Tuesday 9-24-2013

Reminder After Thursday the price for the Savage Race increases. If you plan on going get registered soon for the best deal! Also, beginning next week the Kendrick Farris seminar will be opened to the public. Once all 25 spots are full, registration will be closed and no more spots will be available. If you’re interested then get signed up.

Foundations at 5:30am and 5:30pm today!!

Warm Up



For Time:


Thrusters 95/65 lbs

Pull Ups

Cash Out:

Tabata Row

2 Min Max Double Unders

Monday 9-23-2013

Great job to Jenni, Molly, BJ, and Brad this weekend at the Garage Games!!! Special congrats to BJ and Jenni Parish. BJ took first in his division and Jenni took third in hers. We are all very proud of you guys. Way to represent CrossFit Texarkana. Don’t forget this coming Friday we are having a CFT night out. We’re meeting at Pop’s Place at 7:30pm. If you plan on coming please sign up on the calendar so we can get a head count. We are going to run a special promotion for the month of October. It’s bring a friend month! If you get a friend to sign up in October then you will get half your membership off. If you get 2 friends to sign up then you will get your membership free for October! Tell your friends and spread the word. Today we are running! If you are following the Endurance Program then you will only do the Row and Endurance run, not the general wod. Let’s get to work!!!

Warm Up 


3 Min Max Distance Row


10 x 100m Sprint

Rest 90 seconds between

*Score Row time as well as fastest and slowest sprint times.

Cash Out:

100 Slow Abmat Sit Ups


6 x 600m Run

Rest 90 Seconds