Wednesday 2-27-13

Warm Ups: Burgener

15 Min Partner AMRAP:

One partner rows 20 calories

One partner does ground to overhead, .5 average combined BW

Both partners perform a total of 30 med ball exchange sit ups, 20#/14#

Switch rower and ground to overhead

Score total ground to overhead

Post load and total reps to comments

I couldn’t find a totally awesome video on the sit ups. I will explain at the top of class. For you youtubers, you’ll find several variations.

Monday 2-25-11

 Friday March 1, 7-8:30 p.m. – I’m sure most of you have seen the posts about our “Box Warming Happy Hour” this Friday march 1st. Some of our ladies got together and used their creative minds to come up with a way for everyone to participate in “decking out” the bathrooms and stuff. I, for one, love the idea. They got to pick out what they think would go best (and they probably do know what would go best) and then we all get to have fun making it all happen. Everybody gets to pitch in and be a part of making the new location feel like home. We have a registration set up at Target so that no one has to guess what to get. The link to that registration is on our CrossFit Texarkana Facebook page. Bring some food and drink if you want and we’ll have some fun!

Warm Ups: walk it out

5 Rounds:

10 Kipping Pull  Ups with a towel between your feet (bring a towel or rag)

*each time you drop the towel perform 5 on the spot burpees*

10 Lateral Push Ups

20 Pistols, alternating

Post time to comments

Friday 2-22-13

Warm Ups:Amundson

Death By Tire Flips

Flip the tire 1 time in the first minute, 2 times in the second minute, 3 times in the third…you get the idea. Continue until you can’t complete the mandatory flips for that minute. 

*we will substitute cleans for anyone that cannot complete a tire flip with the tires we have*

Post the last completed round to comments

Tuesday 2-19-13

It’s unanimous, everybody is flipping over the new location! It was a packed house all day Monday and it looks like the Facebook buzz is it’s time to get to CrossFit. Keep spreading the word. I will get a check in listed with FB and I want everyone to check in as much as possible. Parking is an obstacle we will have to overcome but that’s a good problem to have. Bear with us while we get the last few little things lined out. Thanks everybody for all your patience and support during the transition. Great things are coming!

Warm Ups3 drills in 8 minutes


Pull Ups

Kettlebell Swings, 2/1.5 pood

post time to comments